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Weekend Update

Weekend Update

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Howdy and happy Monday!  I hope all had a relaxing and indulgent holiday weekend.  We definitely got into the holiday spirit around here and I definitely had my share of indulgences this weekend.  #tistheseason

Turkey day was extra tasty this year as we went over to a friend’s pad who is quite the foodie and conscious of all of her guests dietary restrictions.   Portland Thanksgivings are kind of magical.  It seems that everybody in P-town is aware of their dietary intolerence- meaning your chances of dining with a gluten-free, soy-free, vegan are fairly high.   I could see how this might be obnoxious to some, but I love it as it insures that I get to eat tasty food that is at least somewhat good for you.  At the moment, I am an equal opportunity employer with all dietary restrictions and do not restrict anything. I just practice moderation with all things “naughty.” However, I have definitely embarked on my fair share of restrictions- ummm does anybody remember my fruit allergy?!  Anyway, T day was delish and I’m sad it’s over.  My contribution to the day of turkey was a raw cherry & raw pumpkin “cheesecake.” Both of which were suitable for the gluten-free, soy-free, vegan.  Hell- even the paleo dining guests could indulge in these.  

IMG 3323

This is the third year in a row that I have made the cherry “cheesecake,” but the first year I have given the pumpkin variety a whirl.  Dare I say it, but I think I like the pumpkin better.  For the cherry version, I followed Sarah Bitton’s recipe for raw cashew dream cake from My New Roots almost to the tee.  The only difference is I used cherries and I always need more dates and almonds for the crust.  For the pumpkin, I wish I had a recipe, but I was winging it.  I basically used Sarah’s recipe as my base and replaced the pumpkin for the fruit and added more maple syrup and pumpkin pie spices.  These fellas were tasty, but they didn’t hold up as well as the usually do.  I am not sure where I went wrong, but they were not as pretty as they have been in years past.

Friday was my last day at skinspot offering skin care treatments and it was a bit bittersweet.  I am really excited to be moving toward all of the new adventures that lie a head, but skinspot has been my baby for the past 3+ years and I adore the ladies I work with at the wellness clinic, so bidding adieu had few heart tugging moments.  Fear not though, my skin care obsession seems to be alive and well. I can’t stop researching various skin care lines to see if there are a few I have missed over the years.  I am a serious skin care product junkie.  I thought I was over this phase, but it appears to be creeping back in.  I am thinking of dedicating one day a week to skin tips on this blog. I use to do that.  Where did that go?! If you have any post topics you would like to see addressed please let me know. One product I am really intrigued to try Coola’s mineral tinted SPF.

Screen Shot 2013 12 02 at 6 14 57 PM


If anybody has tried this gem or anything by Coola lemme know your thoughts. 

Saturday involved a little exercise.  I officially can no longer run or walk (long distances) for that matter, but the elliptical seems to be fair game, so I have been loving on him and still doing a decent amount of weight training.  I am actually lifting far more preggo than I did sans bump and I gotta say, lifting really does change your body- even preggo.  I have been preaching this for a while, but was still reluctant to reduce my cardio time to fit in more lifting.  Big mistake.  After I have sir Elliot I am definitely going to be focusing a lot more of my efforts on strength training.  

Here is a little post workout selfie.  I will be 37 weeks on Wednesday and I am getting so impatient.  I know most women go past their due date with their first babe, I think I might implode if I have to wait that long.

IMG 3330

After my workout, I showered and had a rather gross looking, but tasty bowl of T day leftovers mixed with steamed kale.

IMG 3332

Post lunch, we headed up to Target to get a good start on our Christmas shopping and pick up a few loose ends for the bean.  I also scooped a soy chai from Starbuck’s.  Everybody was carrying one of those damn red cups in the store, so I had to do it.  It has been a few minutes since I have had a chai, I use to love them, but good Lord are they sweet.  Too sweet. However, I got to carry around a red cup.  Phew.

IMG 3334

Dinner was sushi takeout

IMG 3335

seaweed salad, sweet potato & avocado roll.  This meal was meh.  For some reason, I am loosing my appetite.  Is that a pregnancy symptom?! Bummer ’cause I love to eat, but it’s no fun when nothing tastes that good.  Boo!

Sunday’s breakfast was one of my favorite breakfast sammies in the city:

IMG 3339

Lovejoy Bakery’s egg & olive tapanade on a ciabatta roll. This fella hit the spot, but only had room for half of him.  Babe is officially taking up more than his fair share.  

After we fueled, it was tree retrieving time.  We ended up heading out to a tree farm to cut down our own tree.  We are so rugged. 

IMG 3341

Umm cutting down one’s tree could not be easier.  This will definitely be a tradition.

IMG 3356

Here she is in all her glory.  We have yet to buy ornaments.  I’m not sure when that’s going to happen.  Maybe next year.  Baby steps.

We did pick up an outfit for a certain pug. 

IMG 3352

Unfortunately this gem was too small for sir Burt and he hated our guts for putting this on him. However, it was worth every penny.

After grocery shopping I wasn’t super excited to cook anything too complicated, so I sleuthed for an uncomplicated soup recipe.  I found  Veg News’ Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter soup.  This recipe is super simple and pretty good.  I followed the recipe almost entirely except I added 2T maple syrup, onion powder, and garlic salt.  I also added 1 can of kidney beans and 1cup of shredded kale to my bowl.  I am not sure that I loooooved the taste of this recipe, but I do adore how easy, nutritious and inexpensive he is.

IMG 3353

And that about concludes this weekend update.  Now y’all can sleep soundly.  







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  1. Jill says:

    You should definitely include skin care tips in this blog! No sense having all that knowledge and not sharing it. ;) Besides, healthy skin is part of a healthy body. Did I convince you yet? P.S. Remind me to never read your blog when I’m even remotely hungry. I almost licked my monitor today.

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